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Stop waiting!  Get Life Insurance now with no Doctor's office visit!

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What's Better, Term Life or Whole Life Insurance?

Use us to explain the difference between term life and whole (permanent) life.

Let us explain when a term policy can be converted to a permanent one.

We can walk you through determining the amount of insurance you need.

Do I Really Need Life Insurance?

We all need insurance for the "what ifs" in life.  If I get sick, if I become disabled, if my house burns down, or if I die too soon.  Generally, someone will be affected if we die. 


Someone will have to step up and pay your funeral expenses and final expenses, including any debt and student loans you might have.

If you have someone financially dependent on you, like a spouse or a child, a premature death can be devastating.  Mortgages and rent still need to be paid, utility bills, car payments, and

credit card bills still occur.  It's terrible when a spouse loses
their partner and soulmate, or a child loses their parent.  Most of
us would want our family to stay in the same financial world
we are in now if we don't make it home tonight.

Our goal is to keep our family living in the same house, eating at the same restaurants, and your kids attending the same schools.  Nobody wants their family to have to sell their house because they can't afford it, or their kids to drop out of school because of lack of money, or spouses having to re-marry for financial reasons instead of love.

We work with over 30 companies and we feel confident that we can find a company that suits almost every need. We will work hard to shop for our clients and find them the best insurance at the lowest premiums.

David Kembel answers all your Life Insurance questions with Brett Sharp:

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