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Fast, Easy Online Tax Return Filing

Why Have a Professional File Your Income Tax Return?

Just a W-2? This is perfect for you!  Kembel Tax Service is proud to offer online filing of federal and state tax returns.

FREE for 1040EZ returns

A low $19.95 for simple returns

and $39.95 for all others regardless of your refund amount.

​We offer free electronic tax filing, with secure and accurate online income tax preparation software.

  • Major Credit/Debit Cards Accepted

  • Fees can be taken from refund

*Don't forget to file your state return. Every year tens of millions of dollars in state refunds go unclaimed.

Ready to file?  Here's what we'll need to help:

​Be patient, and wait on all your documents to arrive. We'll need W2's, 1099R's, Unemployment, Interest Earned, 1099's from banks/investment accounts. Don't forget your mortgage statement as well as your personal property tax bill.  Remember your equity line.


1095A's come from the Marketplace, 1095B's and 1095C's come from your employer and private plan insurance. You will need a 1095 to prepare your 2021 tax return.  


All of these statements are supposed to be mailed by January 31, 2021.  


Gather your charitable receipts and medical receipts if those pertain to you. Charitable and medical mileage is deductible also.

What Are Income Taxes, and Do I Have to File?

What Are Itemized Deductions?

Elctronic Filing
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